Legacy High School


Fashion I (Period 8)

2018 - 2019 School Year
Career & Technical Education

Course Scope:


This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the psychological and social aspects of clothing, and fundamental concepts of fashion, fashion design and construction. Areas of emphasis include fashion, textiles, clothing construction, merchandising, the use and care of sewing equipment and exploration of careers in the fashion industry.


Course Goals:

  • To evaluate sociological, psychological, ecological, environmental, technological, and economic factors that influence clothing choices.
  • To describe the production, attributes, care, and performance characteristics of fibers, yarns, and fabrics and their impact on garment construction and maintenance.
  • To explain legislation, standards, and labeling.
  • To apply fashion elements and principles of design to enhance appearance and construct fashion products.
  • To interpret commercial patterns and how they are used to prepare and select appropriate fabrics.
  • To display proper use and care of sewing tools and equipment.
  • To construct a variety of fashion products using contemporary sewing techniques.
  • To modify garments using repair and recycle techniques.
  • To model workplace safety and accident reporting procedures.
  • To evaluate quality customer service that is sensitive to cultural issues and customer concerns.
  • To analyze strategies for marketing fashion products.
  • To develop employability skills for workplace readiness, career development, and job retention within the fashion, textile, and/or design industry.
Course Fee
     $15.00 yearly-- see the website link to pay online


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Past Assignments


We will be sewing for our first time from a pattern making Alphabet Letter Pillows beginning on February 25, 2019 and finishing up our pillows around March 10, 2019. students will need to follow the guidelines in class and shop for their fabrics.  This is a homework assignment and should be done by the student.  The only way they will learn about purchasing fabrics and getting the correct amounts is if they have this experience first hand. The handout attached should help the students to remember the important points we discussed in class.
Students must purchase 1 yard of fabric- stable woven medium weight cotton or cotton blend- 44-45 inches wide.  They should fill out the fabric fact sheet while shopping (at a minimum take a  photo of the end of the bolt) before leaving the fabric store.  Save the receipt!! This becomes important later on for costing the project and is a part of their grade at the completion of the project. 
Students should also purchase Poly-Fiber-Fill for stuffing the pillow. They will need at lease 12 ounces.
Students should bring their fabric to class no later than February 20-21.
Students should bring their Fiber-Fill to class when they need to stuff the pillow (I do not have room for storage).
Students with economic hardships should see me on their own time and we will come up with a plan.
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
Last Modified: Monday, February 4 2:46 PM


Finish up your notes on Body Shapes-- Select your body shape and get styling tips specific for you. don't forget to get your 5 facts for each video. 
Last Modified: Friday, September 28 11:51 AM


Class Fee should be paid to the banker or online no later than September 21, 2018.  If there are hardships of extenuating circumstances, please email  or call.  
Fashion I Fee $15.00 yearly
Fashion 2, 3, Advanced Study Fee $25.00 yearly
Last Modified: Wednesday, August 15 9:49 AM


Please read the Course Expectations posted online and sign the acknowledgement form.  Students should turn this in no later than August 24,2018.  Call  or email if you have questions or concerns.
Last Modified: Tuesday, August 14 3:12 PM