Legacy High School

Biology Per. 4

Ms. Patricia Arevalo
Ms. Cheryl Murray
2018 - 2019 School Year

Course Description


1/11-1/14 Organelle review

1. Turn in homework-cell organelle packet.
2. Review for cell organelle quiz next class.
3. Play Kahoot review game.
4. Begin cell cycle diagram construction.
Homework: study for cell organelle quiz next class

1/9-1/10 Microscopes/Cell organelles

1. Take microscope quiz.
2. Review cell organelles.
3. Work on cell organelle packet.
Homework: finish packet

12/12-12/13 Cell Organelles

1. Turn in microscope lab homework.
2. Attach microscope labeling picture to page 31 in your notebook.
3. Return cell coloring & labeling pictures and attach to page 26 and 28 in your notebook.
4. Review cell organelles.
5. Work on cell organelle matching activity.
Homework: finish activity if not done.

12/10-12/11 Microscopes

1. Review microscope parts.
2. Microscope lab.
Homework: answer questions on microscope lab page

12/6-12/7 Microscope parts/review cell organelles

1. Review cell organelles-out loud questioning.
2. Label the parts of a microscope.
3. Write the function of each part.
4. Begin cell cut-n-paste activity.
Homework: none

11/28-11/29 Biomolecule & Cellular Respiration Test

1. Turn in homework.
2. Review for test.
3. Take test.
4. attach papers in notebook and turn in.
5. Get grade report and work on makeup work/extra credit.
Homework: none

11/14-11/15 Bio-molecule activity

1. Get back biomolecule foldable-attach in notebook on page 24.
2. Do biomolecule matching activity.
3. Research biomolecules in food.
Homework: finish biomolecule research

11/2-11/5 You are what you eat

1. Learn how to read a food label.
2. Analyze 6 food labels.
3. Answer questions in "You are what you eat" packet.
Homework: finish any undone questions.