Legacy High School


Geoscience Honors - per 8-Period 8

Ms. Cheryl Murray
2018 - 2019 School Year

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12/5-12/6 Earthquake and Volcano test

1. Turn  in chapter review sheet.
2. Go over review.
3. Take earthquake and Volcano test.
4. Attach papers and turn in notebooks.
5. Work on extra credit.
Homework: none

11/29-11/30 Volcanoes

1. Watch Volcano video, write notes on the video.
If absent, write 2 paragraphs about volcanoes of the world.
2. Label the parts of a volcano-attach in notebook.
3. Construct a volcano flipbook.
Homework: none

11/16-11/26 Tsunamis

1. Do part 2 of epicenter location.
2. Review tsunami notes.
3. See video clips of past tsunamis and discuss.
Homework: none

11/14-11/15 Epicenters

1. Look at recent earthquakes/discuss LV earthquake of 2015.
2. Review waves learned last clas-demo.
3. Learn how to find the epicenter of an earthquake-answer questions.
Homework: finish if not done.

11/2-11/5 San Francisco Earthquake

1. Watch Part 2 of the video.
2. See events from 1989 San Francisco Earthquake.
3. Turn in video notes.
Homework: none

10/31-11/1 earthquakes

1. View earthquake map.
2. Plot earthquakes and volcanoes.
3. San Francisco Great Quake of 1906 video
Homework: none