Legacy High School


Geography: Per. 6-Period 6 (Period 6)

Mr. Elliott Waxer
Social Studies
2018 - 2019 School Year


Course Description

   Contact Information: waxere@nv.ccsd.net Remind 101 Log-in: remind.com/join/wg1221 Google Classroom Period 6 Log-in: zav53e


This one-year course examines societal development from the Renaissance to the present with an emphasis on emerging ideologies, expansion of empires, growth of nations, and an increase of global interdependence. Students develop an understanding of current world issues and relate them to their historical, geographical, political, economic, and cultural contexts. Instructional practices incorporate integration of diversity awareness including appreciation of all cultures and their important contributions to society. The appropriate use of technology is an integral part of this course. This course fulfills the World History/Geography and the Arts/Humanities credits required for high school graduation.


Student Supplies

Students are expected to have and maintain the following supplies all year:

  • 1” or larger three ring binder
  • Lined paper (in the binder)
  • Spiral Notebook (preferably more than 100 pages)
  • Pen or Pencil (no overly light or shiny colors that are difficult to read)
  • Optional supplies: Ruler, Scissors, Glue


Cellphone Policy:

  • I do allow cellphones in class but ONLY during independent practice or when I ask students to look up information for me, perhaps during note-taking or our daily warm-ups.
  • In the case of inappropriate cellphone use:
    • 1st offense = I will give a verbal warning for the first offense.
    • 2nd offense = If the usage continues I will give another warning but also contact home, preferably by phone.
    • 3rd offense = If the problem then escalates from there then I will confiscate the device and return it to the student at the end of class.
    • 4th offense = If the problem continues, then I will write a counselor referral, confiscate the phone until the end of class, and contact home.
    • 5th offense = If it continues past this step or the student gives me attitude / resistance in complying with all previous steps then I will confiscate the device and it will be given to the dean's office and the student will be written up with a deans or referral.  I will also contact home preferably by phone.