Legacy High School


Course Description

This course is designed for those students who have successfully completed Algebra I and exhibit an interest in science, especially chemistry.  Topics included are mathematics of chemistry, safety, laboratory procedures, properties of matter, atomic theory and structure, mole concept, chemical bonding, nomenclature, chemical equations, stoichiometry, kinetic molecular theory, states of matter, acids-bases-salts, equilibrium, thermochemistry, polymer chemistry, nuclear chemistry, chemistry of the environment, and career opportunities.   Science, Technology and Society (STS) issues will be an integral part of this course. Additional topics may include history of chemistry, biochemistry, qualitative chemistry, and research projects. Instructional practices will incorporate integration of diversity awareness including appreciation of all cultures and their important contributions to our society. The appropriate use of technology is an integral part of this course.  This course will fulfill one science credit toward high school graduation and qualifies as a laboratory science for college entrance.