Legacy High School

Graduation:  May 21st, 9am, Thomas & Mack

Course Description

Furniture and Cabinet Making: Offers you the student the opportunity to work with modern industrial power equipment such as table saws, lathes, a CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled), and laser engravers. You will gain confidence when working around power equipment and learn how to challenge yourself to create one of kind designs as well as fix mistakes made along the way. This program is designed to build upon your prior knowledge of Furniture 1 and 2 thus leading up to your 3rd year where you will take a skills assessment test demonstrating your understanding of technical skills and procedures used in woodworking, graphic designs, CAD drawings, and the CNC. Training, Confidence, and Creativity are the three components you will gain upon your enrollment and completion of this program.

Google Class Codes
Period 1 6d4sz3y
Period 6 p8kzm3c
Period 7 0rhc0we