Legacy High School

Welcome back Longhorns! The First Day of school is Monday, August 9th. 7:00 am to 1:25 pm.

Chromebook Collection


       Please see the following schedule for Chromebook Collection.  All students will need to return their device.  Also, please see the fine fees for any stolen, lost, or damaged/missing items.  Any Chromebooks not returned or any stolen, lost, or damaged/missing items  will be listed as a fine on your student account.

Chromebook Collection for Seniors
May 24             7:00 am -1 pm Report to the Library to return Chromebook. 
May 25             Senior Checkout.  Report to your scheduled checkout time. 
Seniors A-L      7:30 am - 10:00 am
Seniors M-Z   11:30 am -   2:00 pm

Chromebook Collection for Grades 9-11 

Report to the Main Entrance Doors.

May 26     7 am - 2 pm 

June 1-4   7 am - 2 pm

June 7-11  7 am- 2 pm


Fine Fees

Stolen device: $125 with required police report

Lost device: $150


Replacement Part Costs:

Top Cover: $25                           

Keyboard/Palm rest$60                                                                           

LCD Screen/Panel:  $35              


Charger: $35    Lost/damaged power/sync cord OR Charger/adapter