Legacy High School

Graduation: May 24th, 9am - T&M       Final Exams: 12/18 - 12/21      Winter Break No School: 12/22 - 1/6

2019-2020 Desert Rose Program: Interested in Nursing, Welding, Construction Technology, Residential Wiring, Robotics, Engineering or Manufacturing Technologies? Click Here.

Next year we are partnering with Desert Rose Career Technical Center to offer 5 programs for our students.  They will attend 2 of their B day classes at the Tech school (transportation provided).  They will be back on our campus for the last 2 classes of the B day.

The programs are Nursing (looking for Anat/Phys students who took as 11th grader or taking as a 12th grader), Robotics/Manufacturing, Welding, Construction Technology, and Residential Wiring.
Only 100 students will be admitted, sign up in the Australia office for the January 14th 8th period interest meeting with Desert Rose.