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Graduation Date:  June 2, 2021, 4 & 8 pm at the Orleans Arena. Further information to follow.
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Welcome to Automation Technology and Robotics

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About Automation Technology
Automation is more than robots, it is engineering and design, technician roles, programmers, associate line personnel, training, and of course, robotics. Automation Technology is growing very quickly and there are shortages of qualified workers.

This course is designed to introduce you to the lucrative field of Automation Technology and excite you about your employment opportunities. Below is a breakdown of what we will cover in preparation for your graduation and future.
Automation I - III
This course pathway introduces students to the fundamentals of automation technologies. Areas of emphasis include lab safety, the engineering design process, power systems, basic automation systems, and basic automation control devices, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and robotic systems, programmable logic controllers, and automation principles and how they apply to multiple industries.
Automation Advanced Studies (AS)
This course is offered to students who have achieved all content standards in a program whose desire is to pursue advanced study through investigation and in-depth research. Students are expected to work independently or in a team and consult with their supervising teacher for guidance.


Robotics is a great opportunity to engage in the STEM fields that are awaiting you today. Robotics is a great way to build on skills you love or learn about skills you wanted to know more about.

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