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Ms. Stacy Hale » Grading Policy / Course Expectations

Grading Policy / Course Expectations

Grading Policy


COURSE TITLE: Physical Education 


Instructor: Ms. Stacy Hale 
Room: Girls Locker Room 
Phone: (702) 799-1777  Extension: 4092
Email: Hales1@nv.ccsd.net
Website Address: www.legacyhigh.net

Course Scope: This one-year course is designed to promote a positive approach toward personal health. Students are provided with experiences in health- and skill-related fitness that develop decision-making skills, positive self-esteem, and personal regard. This course develops knowledge pertaining to the principles of wellness, components of physical fitness, proper nutrition, personal decision-making skills, and career opportunities. Students participate in direct classroom instruction, computer-generated activities and application, and participation in moderate to vigorous activity for a minimum of 50% of the instructional time. Instructional practices incorporate integration of diversity awareness including an appreciation of all cultures and their important contributions to society. The appropriate use of technology is an integral part of this course. This course fulfills one of the two physical education credits required for high school graduation.

Major Concepts/Content: 

To develop an understanding of the concept of wellness. [2.0]
To develop the fundamental components of health- and skill-related fitness through participation in physical activity. [1.0, 3.0]
To recognize individual differences in fitness levels when setting personal fitness goals. [4.0]
To evaluate pre- and post-physical fitness assessments in order to improve skill development. [4.0]
To explain health problems associated with inadequate fitness. [4.0]
To apply safety practices associated with physical fitness. [1.0, 2.0]
To interpret proper individual nutritional needs based on fitness level and fitness goals. [4.0]
To develop motor skills necessary to participate in physical activity. [1.0]
To use various technology methods in order to achieve and maintain a proper level of physical fitness. [4.0

Grading Policy:

Grading Scale:  
90% - 100% A
80% - 89% B
70% - 79% C
60% - 69% D
Below 60% F 
* Grades will be rounded to the nearest whole number.  Ex. 89.5 = 90.0 = A.

Description of Grading Procedures 
Assignments/Assessments will be weighted as follows: 
Synchronous: 20%
Unlimited activities, but should be contained within the live class period
Work to be done during the Google recordings and/or live sessions. This is work that students can do if they miss the live session, but they view the recording. 
Example: Grammar practice, QuickWrites, Reflections, Exit Tickets etc

Asynchronous: 80% 
Any assessment or assignment outside of the class
Example: Summative assessments, projects, essays etc. 
Semester Grades: 
45% Quarters 1 and 3 Grade 
45% Quarters 2 and 4 Grade
10% Semester Final Examination
AP Course Semester Grades: 
40% Quarter 1/3 Grade
40% Quarter 2/4 Grade
20% Semester 
Make-up Work/Late Work/Retakes:
Absent Work (using Distance Education regulation): Students will be allowed to turn in assignments up to one-week past the due date with no penalty if they are absent. After one week, the assignment is considered late. 
Late Work Procedures: Any assessment or assignment passed the due date, assigned by the teacher, will be accepted and graded with a 10% deduction. The last day to turn in assignments or assessments for the quarter is one week before the last day of the quarter. (Example: Quarter 1 will accept NO late work after October 2, 2020). 
Re-takes: To retake an assessment or assignment, the student must request to meet with the teacher, through email and discuss details of the retake. 

Teacher Office Hours: 
Morning Hours: 6:45am to 7:00am
Afternoon Hours: 1:25pm to 1:56pm
It is recommended that students email teachers to set up an appointment if they cannot reach them during the morning or afternoon office hours. Teacher availability varies depending on the day. 
A student is considered present/participating for an attendance day and course based on the following definitions: 
The student makes progress in their classwork leading toward mastery of the Nevada Academic Content Standards and/or a course’s completion that can be verified through a learning management system or other means. 
The student participates in a real-time class session (e.g., attends a live Google Meet).
The student meets with or otherwise communicates with a licensed teacher or licensed substitute teacher who is able to discuss the student’s progress in the particular course.

Digital Classroom Behavior Expectations: 
Demonstrate respect for yourself, your peers, your teacher, your school, and your education through your words, your actions, and your attitude. 
Begin class with all necessary materials out, prepared, and ready.
Please listen to rules, directions, instructions, and procedures the first time they are given.
Let the teacher teach and the students learn.
Digital Classroom Conduct for Google Meets and Canvas: 
Mute your camera and microphone until you have a question
Google Meets will be utilized for synchronous learning
Canvas will be utilized for all submitted assignments and review of content 
Student participation will be recorded so that other students can have continued access to the discussion or so that you can review important points.



Plagiarism/Honor Code: 
Plagiarism is the copying of any material from another person without giving that person credit for the idea. Should any student copy the work of another student or printed source, the student will receive zero points for the assignment, a phone call home to notify guardians, and a referral to the discipline office. 

There is a clear expectation that all students will perform academic tasks with honor and integrity, with the support of parents, staff, faculty, administration, and the community. The learning process requires students to think, process, organize and create their own ideas. Throughout this process, students gain knowledge, self-respect, and ownership in the work that they do. These qualities provide a solid foundation for life skills, impacting people positively throughout their lives. Cheating and plagiarism violate the fundamental learning process and compromise personal integrity and one’s honor. Students demonstrate academic honesty and integrity by not cheating, plagiarizing or using information unethically in any way. *This includes submitting the same assignment to two separate teachers without prior permission.

The citizenship grade given will either be: O (Outstanding), S (Satisfactory), N (Needs Improvement), or U (Unsatisfactory). O is given to students who display exemplary attitude, behavior, attendance, and effort. An S will be given to those who display satisfactory effort, attitude, and behavior. A student will receive an N in citizenship if he or she displays unsatisfactory effort, attitude or behavior.  A U is earned if the student receives a referral to the Discipline Office due to behavioral problems or tardy RPC. 

Recording of Lessons
All synchronous lessons will be recorded. Students are not permitted to download the sessions, take screenshots, or share the videos from the sessions. The viewing permissions will be set to only be viewers with CCSD Google Accounts. By signing the course expectations below, students and guardians acknowledge they will be recorded and not record or take screenshots of any session they are viewing/attending.