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2020 Senior Shoutouts!

The Only Person You Should Try To Beat Is The Person You Were Yesterday!
--Love Mom, Erica Johnson
Deja is a great daughter and she will have a successful life. Good luck on your new journey through life in your future and your education.  Good luck!
--Love always your father Mr J.Dixon
CONGRATULATIONS DEJA!!! I have watched you grow into the beautiful young lady you've become and I am so very proud of you. The future is yours to become anything you'd like to become and I will always be there to support you.
--I love you, TeTe Dina
Congratulations, Deja I know senior year ain’t goin as planned but I’m proud of you for staying on the right path to graduate, next stop is college enjoy it and have fun
--Love your sibling, Denzil
You did that Girl! Congratulations we’re all VERY proud of you! The whole world is waiting for you baby.
--Love Mom, Dad, Kamari & Takari
Congratulations Amya. Your such a smart and talented young women. Mommy loves you and is very proud.
--Love Mommy
I am so proud of you and the accomplishments you made, all the hard work is finally paying off.
Keep up the hard work, be confident & do what it is you want to do, success w
ill follow
Congratulations girl!
--Love Big brother - Takari
I'm SO PROUD OF YOU and all your hard work and accomplishments! 
--Love Mom, SeQueena Gregory
Congrats on graduating niece I’m so proud of you, I always believed you was the smartest be proud of yourself & all your hard work love you 💪🏾📈
--Love Uncle Marcus Duhart
Wherever you go, Go with all your heart.  God has you in the palm of his hand.
--Love Mom, Angelica
Way to go Jeremy ...congrats on your graduation. We are proud of you Class of 2020
--Love Karina Suarez
Congratulation on your achievements Jeremy. We are very proud of you! Wish you the best in the next chapter in your life! We love you! Grad 2020 Rocks!
--Love Valentin Ramos
Stay humble son! Achieve your goals!!
--Love Dad, David
Today you complete another of many milestones in your life. Always take credit for both accomplishments and failures because they are what makes you a better person. I've watched you grow from a toddler to a fine young man and although I might be biased, i know you will become a successful man to be proud of.
--Love Michael Cruz
Congratulations son!! We are so excited to see where this next chapter of your life takes you. Wherever that may be, we will always be there to support you and to celebrate you. We love you and are so proud of you ♥️
--Love Mom, Elayne
Congratulations my oldest grandson! Follow your heart in everything you do. May God Bless you through your next journey in life. We love you!
--Love your Grandparents, John & Helen
You are such a loving and a much stronger person than you give yourself credit for and I'm so thankful your in our lives. We Love You! Congratulations Class of 2020 &
Congratulations DEVIE JOHN! We are SO PROUD of YOU!!!
--Love your Grandmother Charlene
Congratulations! You did it! We can't wait to see what is on the next path for you as a young adult. We miss you and look forward to celebrating you in the future!
--Love, Auntie Cindy, Uncle Ryan, Haley, Gracie and Ella
CONGRATULATIONS DEV! So incredibly proud of you and the person you have become. Throughout all of the struggles and obstacles, you definitely pushed through and came out stronger. We love you, and we are so proud of you and all of your accomplishments. The grind doesn't stop here though. Always keep your head up and aim high!
--Love your Sister Kayla
My niece is smart and very intelligent and she is beautiful. Melinda this was your year and it still can be just think positive. I know you will succeed in anything you do or put your mind to. Best of luck and blessings in the future.
--Love TT Aleshea
I am very proud of the beautiful young lady you have become.. I am so very proud of everything you have accomplished in life, you have always gone above and beyond to make sure you make school work your priority. Now this is the beginning of a journey to become what you have always dreamed of, and we will be there along the way to help you and give you the support you need to accomplish your goal/ career. Thank you for being such a good daughter and friend and for making me proud to you call you my daughter. I love you with all my heart.
--Love Mom Karina
Go confidently in the direction of your dreams; live the life you’ve imagined.
--Love Angelica Ramos
Congratulations on your achievements Scarlett. We are very proud of you! Wish you the best in the next chapter in your life! We love you! Grad 2020 Rocks!
--Love your Uncle Valentin Ramos
Taylor, Even though your senior year is not ending as we expected, we are proud of all you’ve accomplished this school year!
--Love, Mom and Dad
Congratulations Taylor on all your accomplishments at Legacy High School these past four years. Sorry your Senior year and graduation is being interrupted by the Pandemic. Nothing can take away all that you’ve done or the memories you’ve made in the last four years. I am very proud of you Taylor and cheer you on as you prepare to go to college. I wish you success and happiness in this next chapter of your life. Reach beyond the stars and believe in yourself! You’ve Got This!
--Love you much, Gramma ❤️👏👩‍🎓🎼🎊
Congratulations to our daughter Samantha on her High School Graduation. We are beyond proud of all you have accomplished during these past 4 years on and off the basketball court. As you close this High School chapter and begin your next one at Arizona Christian University we are excited to see what your future holds. Keep reaching for your "Dreams" and always be true to yourself. We Love you very much and we can't wait to celebrate all your accomplishments!!!
--Love, Mom,Dad,Amanda & Nana #CLASS OF 2020
I’m so sorry your senior year was cut short, but i am so proud of you on your education journey i love you and can’t wait to see all the big things you’re going to accomplish now<3
--Love your Cousin Jenniva Lopezleon
I'm sorry your senior yr was short. I’m proud of you Ana! Keep aspiring and being great! Lots of love & can’t wait to see you go further and higher in life. 💗
--Love your cousin Angelina Lopezleon
Proud of you Ledeana!! Cheers to Class of 2020!
I know you will continue to prosper in all you do. Enjoy your celebration and ask for a big graduation gift.
--Love you. Uncle Los
I’m so proud of you Ana! I love you so much!!!
--Love your sister Angelica
Congratulations! Very proud of you and can’t wait to see you on your next journey!
--Love your sister Mariah
Grandma is so happy and so proud of you! You work so hard in school and at work. I am so happy and I love you so much. You are my heart!
--Love your Grandmother Sara Syvoravong
Ana we are sooooo proud of you!!! You worked so hard. Auntie Eva and uncle Jason loves you very much and congratulations!!!
--Love Auntie Eva and Uncle Jason
I’m so proud of you and your accomplishment. May you keep following your dreams and never stop dreaming!
--I love you always ❤️, Tia Liz
So proud of you Ana Banana! Love you!
--Love Mina Gauthier
My dear favorite cousin, I wish I could cram everything I want to say into this short message. So I’ll just keep it short and simple by telling you that I love you to the moon and back. I’m so proud of you. I’ll always be by your side until the very end.
--Love Monika
LeDeana I'm so proud of you. Can;t wait to see your next journey and I will be there for the ride. Dream big cuz they will come true.
--Love your Dad
Our first born, Emerson Jr,
The greatest job we’ve ever had has been the job of raising YOU. Caring for you, cheering for you and watching you grow, we’ll never trade a minute of it. From kindergarten to Senior, you have made your father and I so proud of the man you’ve become. Your caring, thoughtful and most importantly you stay humble. The first of many steps as you journey on your way to college, your future is filled with amazing possibilities. Chase your dreams no matter how hard it is, embrace the opportunities. There will be tough times as an adult, but know that you always have your family to help and guide you through no matter what. Congratulations on this amazing accomplishment son, we love you beyond words remember that always.
--Love, Mom and Dad
Congratulations to such an amazing nephew!! We are so beyond proud of all your accomplishment that you have achieved!! Stay focused, be strong willed and you will overcome any obstacles no matter what path you take!!
--Love Jeff, Theary & Family
Hey Alexis, I just want to say thank you for being so nice and kind to me in Theater. You are such an amazing actress for the plays. I know you will do big things in the future hope to keep in touch once you graduate also you’re so pretty and gorgeous. I’m going to miss you 🥺
💕 -Brooke Jenkins
I want to Shout out Talia Birks ! Thanks for being so understanding to the unfortunate times that you are facing. I ask that you continue to have the resilience in such a unstable space, loving you with all of me your Mother🥰.
--Love Your Mom
Aniya we are so pride in how far you’ve come. You did it!! There are no regrets in life just lessons. Have faith to pursue your life passions and dreams. Never give up and enjoy the journey. We love you!!
--Love Mom
Baby girl you did it and I am so proud of you. Whatever your heart desire you can have it just go get it!!
--Love you forever, Mommy
I am so grateful, thankful and prideful for Anyia pooh!!! Congratulations.....😊😚🐒
--Love Grandma, Dianne
Congratulations Aniya! You did it!! This is one of the greatest moments in our lives!!! Forever proud of you. Follow your dreams. You will always have our support. Use this stepping stone to know you can achieve anything, when you put your mind to it! We are so proud of you!
--Love Dad
Congratulations Aniya! Always here cheering you on. Love you!
--Love Destinee
Congrats Tink We Love You!
--Love Mom, Kyona
Aspen has made her family very proud! She is an honors student who maintains an outstanding GPA, works full time, participated in cheer for 3 of her 4 years in high school and represented her state as former Teen Nevada!
On top of all that, she always finds time for family. She has a beautiful smile, a big heart and is always thinking of others.
We are super proud of her drive, her efforts and her accomplishments.
We love you Aspen! ❤️
--Love Dad, Justin
A big congrats to my one and only son, Bryce. Your kind spirit and dedication does not go unnoticed. I am so very proud of all you have accomplished. I know it's been difficult the last few months and the level of uncertainty is high, but you have taken all of it in stride and your positive attitude has not wavered. That speaks volumes to the type of person you are and how much good you will do in this world.
--I love you. Mom XOXO
Congratulations kid, your freakin GREAT! freakin PHENOMENAL just like Chris LOL. We love you mija. We are all so proud of you. #2020BEJARGRADS
--Love Aunt Eva
My first love, you have brought so much joy and love to our family and made all of us so proud. You have grown up to be such an amazing young lady. Never once have you let personal problems affect your schooling. You have always arrived to do your best. Just because all this going on in the world never forget the great things you have done in the last 12 years of school. Keep shining like you always have. Keep smiling. The world is huge but you can do all things you put your mind to. I love you forever always.
--Love Mom
Paola ! Here are just a few of the endless reasons I adore you. You are resilient! You were uprooted from your hometown in Puerto Rico to Las Vegas. A place where you must learn to speak a language that was unfamiliar to you. Within months you were proficient. You strive for greatness and very easily achieve it. You are highly motivated and hyper focused on your future. You are a genuinely caring person and have the ultimate sweetest heart. You possess so many phenomenal qualities and I just know you are going to be successful in every aspect of your life. And every person who gets to be a part of your life is blessed and fortunate. I am so proud of you baby girl. I am so grateful I get to call you Niece. You are a great role model for the younger children in our family. I can’t wait to see what greatness you will achieve! Congratulations my love!
--Love Titi Dee
My congratulations and best wishes for you may God bless you, we love you very much. Congrats to class of 2020
--Love Grandma and Grandpa
To our Paola you have grown to fast, it seem like yesterday that you were walking down the isle of our wedding. GBY in this new walk in your life. Make your life a master piece; imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do. Your Education is a dress rehearsal for a life that is yours to lead.
--Love you, Diana y Tito Matos
To my daughter:
When we arrived to NV in 2014 my goal was for you & your sister to learn English and get better opportunities in life. You took this opportunity on your shoulders and defeated with HIGH honors! Can’t be more proud of the young woman you’ve become.
You’re such a sweetheart with a beautiful heart & soul. You’ve volunteered in so many places, work, help your sister, help me in the house and still keep up with your GPA.
I know this pandemic hit you hard cause more than us wishing to see you walk on May 21st, 2020 to pick up your diploma. You been waiting for this day since you started HS. You’ve been praying every day & night for Prom & Graduation 2020 to become a reality to enlighten your future and the rest of Class 2020!
Out of all the Colleges application you’ve submitted, so far 3 of them accepted you, all in Florida!!! We can’t be more Proud of that achievement. The decision has been tough specially during this hard times and once again you choose the Best option so far all by yourself.
I know that Florida International University had so much to offer you to become the BEST Marine Biologist!
--From Mommy Aka Wonder Woman, your sister Kamelia, Miguel, Tití Cheska, Vany, Darlene, Eric, Carlos, your cousins, Grandma Mildred & Abu Ramon we want to recognize you publicly and wish you the best on College our #FutureMarineBiology #BoricuaPalMundo 🇵🇷💪🏽❤️🔥
I am so proud of you. You were an amazing student, an outstanding daughter and human being. Congratulations you made it!! Class of 2020 you can survive anything congratulations!
--Love Mom, Cerissa
I love you forever & always!! I am so proud of you!!
--Love De Leon
Hi senioTanyars! You guys had an amazing year, you guys worked really hard to get to the place you are now. Just because of this virus doesn’t mean you guys shouldn’t celebrate!! Everything you guys have worked for put it to use. You guys are amazing. Good luck in college! You guys will do great. I’m a so grateful to write to all the seniors that couldn’t celebrate their graduation especially to my big sister Tanya. Your gonna be an amazing human being you’ve worked so hard to get to the point in life you are. I love you so much big sis your an amazing student sister and soon to be a successful graduate 🎓.
--I love you big sis #SamoanSpirit.💯💕
Tanya, I love you sooo much and me your dad and your siblings are very proud of you and we love you soo much. Congratulations for finishing strong through all the hard times you came out even more stronger. Sky is the limit baby and your now going to start living. God first and everything else will follow ..this is not the end it's the beginning..we love, happy and beyond proud of you baby .💯💕 Special shout out to you my Tanya 💕💯 YOU DID IT AND TO ALL YOUR CLASSMATES ,JOB WELL DONE 💯🙏
--Love Mom Trina
Tanya, you have been the embodiment of a great daughter, woman, and person. Your drive, ambition, smarts, selflessness, and humbleness stands you out more than any person I’ve known. I always told you to be better than me and your mother which is a tough act to follow, yet you made it look easy. You have made our job as parents so easy and I love you with every bone in my body. This is a new path for you and we hope you used not only the tools the schools and us parents taught you, but make it your own.💯💕Congratulations and we proud of you .💯
--Love Dad Pierre
Although this year did not plan out the way you dreamt it would, I want you to know you did an amazing job in the short amount of time you had. We are all very proud of you and hope you continue to reach for the stars and beyond. Congrats to you on a job well done.
--Love Ronald Reeves
I’m so excited your entering another world so proud you made it to this day I’m so bless to make it thru this journey with you there no other way I would want it love you lots 🥰🥰
--Love Mom, Gernice
I’m so blessed to have a daughter like you. 2020 is your year momma, always gonna be here! So proud of you! I’m more excited then you are. You can achieve anything you want ... Remember this just the beginning for you fly high don’t let nobody take your shine
--Love Mom, Gernice
Taylani we are extremely proud of you and all that you have accomplished so far. You are a very passionate and driven young lady and I know you will have a bright future. Sky’s the limit kid and we know you will shoot beyond it. We love you!
--Love Mom, Shawntae  
Pursue your dreams but never forget about GOD! 😘
--Love Mom, Daleth
You did it my baby girl! I hope you are as proud as I am of you. May success always walk with you. I’m sorry your senior year ended this way but remember you will overcome and accomplish anything. Super Congratulations to you and Class of 2020!
--Love Mom, Delia
I would like to give a shoutout to my daughter Danielle Goodyear. Your mother and I are very proud of you and would like to congratulate you on your graduation.
--Love Dad, Donald
I’m so so proud of the young man you’re blossoming into. Keep working hard and congratulations on graduation! Go class of 2020!
--Love Dad, Courtney
You did it even though it's a trying time right now and you might not feel the celebration. Remember this is a big stepping stone and it took a lot of hard work and dedication! Class of 2020 will always be a special class. I love you and it's just the beginning!!!
--Love Mom, Romonda
Dear Daughter, your courage and determination have brought you this day and with this, you can achieve whatever you want in your life, happy graduation day. I'm so very proud of you Nia.
--Love Mom.
We are so PROUD of you son, it hasn't been easy, but you did it! A new journey awaits you, and I know whatever Goals you set for yourself, you'll achieve them all. Congratulations CJ
--Love Mom, Yolanda
“Take pride in how far you have come and have faith in how far you can go”. We are all so proud of you! 2020 Strong!
--Love Mom, Xochitl
Both and ending and a beginning... I'm proud of you.
--Love, Mom
You have been my best friend and supporter throughout my whole life. I am scared to let you go and live your life after you graduate but I know you are going to be super successful. I’m so proud of the amazing person you’ve become. I will definitely miss going to school with you ❤️
--Love your sister, Braeva
To my amazing son Cody, I am so proud of you and all your accomplishments this year. Thank you for always inspiring me and your peers. I Love you ❤
--Love Mom, Lani
Congrats on your success.  I'm so proud of your achievement,and I can't wait to see what the future holds for you. I wish you joyous and blissful future. I'm sure many wonderful opportunities are just around the corner for you. Continue to shine.
--Love Mom
Kevin, you have been a blessing to us since the day you were born. Now as you end your journey from childhood, and start adulthood, we look back and couldn’t be more proud of the man you’ve grown into and the positive role model you’ve been for your brothers.
From your amazing musical accomplishments, to your one of a kind sense of humor, people are drawn to you, and we love you will all our hearts. We can’t wait to see the next chapter of your life begin.
Always remember that with faith and determination you can accomplish amazing things, but never forget those who love you for who you are.
“And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make”
--Love Dad, Mom, Conner, and Cameron
Hey Bubuy,
I know times can be hard and uncertainties are ahead, but always remember your accomplishments and know you can overcome any adversity! Here is a photo of you on your first day of kindergarten. You were optimistic, excited and full of openness to positivity and learning. I hope you face each day with the same attitude! Never let life's hardships pull you down.
"Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart." - Confucious
--Love, Mom
Martin, we are very proud of the young man you are. We are sorry, for not having a graduation ceremony. Keep up the good work and continue doing good in life. Stay focus on achieving all your goals. We love you sooooo much!!!
--Love, Mom and Dad
So proud of you! Keep up the great work and dedication. You’re going to go far in life! ❤️
--Love Java'e Snowden
Alic you are an amazing young man and you can do anything as long as you put your whole heart into it. Love you son. 
--Love Mom, April
I'm sending this to my daughter. I'm proud of you and how far you came you are my world ❤️💕
--Love Mom
We love you!! Stay positive!! Keep going don't let anyone or anything stand in the way or keep you from your dreams!! Grandma would be so proud! You worked hard for this!! You got this.
--Love Mom, Melissa
Jaclyn I am so very proud of you! You are such an amazing young woman with so much talent and ambition. I have no doubt you will be amazing at what ever you do choose to do in this life. Congratulations on graduating early!
--Lots of love and hugs, Traci Nyborg
Graduating Class of 2020:
The best memory of my senior year was meeting some of my friends who I was able to call family and meeting some teachers who definitely had an impact in my life and yes I am extremely mad and sad that everything will be stripped away from me now I will never get to experience my last prom nor my last high school graduation and all because of a virus imagine working really hard for 12 years to never walk on the stage and feel the relief of finally accomplishing something. My gown might’ve not been white and I might’ve not been the smartest kid but I wanted the experience of seeing the joy in my parents face while I walked on that stage but if there’s one thing that I have learned is that life goes on and we have to be very strong, ALL OF US. To the last goodbye to my favorite teachers that I will never get to see again it was because of you we had the best days!!! To the Class of 2020!!!
--Love Michelle
You are an amazing brother,son, student, and friend. Everything you set your mind to you succeed in. This year you participated in many school activities like marching band, jazz band, color guard, and had leading roles in many school plays. You did amazing in all of them your hard work paid off. The future is bright for you, keep being the Luis we all know and love.
--Love your sister Jessica
To my sweet niece. It’s a different way to celebrate this major accomplishment, but we are very proud that you have come such a long way. We love the person you are, and we hope that your future plans are fulfilled and that your biggest dreams come true. We will always be here to cheer on you on!
--With love from your tia,tio, and primos.
Congratulations baby girl this is just the beginning of your life. I know it seems as if your Senior year has went unnoticed but know you are not alone. Always remember knowledge is power. Aim for the best beautiful. University of Nevada Reno here she comes.
--Love always Mom and Dad we will always be here for you.
To: My son
I am so proud of the young man you have become, you are a great son and big brother no words could ever describe how much I love you and how much you mean to me, to have been blessed to watch you grow for 17 years has been so amazing and never a dull moment. I am so happy and so blessed to be your mom and I know the future has great things in store for you cause you are the one that is writing your own future and making things happen I am so PROUD OF YOU. Your my first born and You will always be my baby no matter how old you get. Graduation here you come class of 2020 🎉👨‍🎓 you did it!!!
--Love Mom, Christen 
Congratulations Graduate! You did it! All your hard work has paid off. Never give up on your dreams. We are all so proud of you. Wishing you a successful future.
--With love, Nelly
Shout out to my main man Emiliano a.k.a The big E. It's been one of the greatest things watching you grow up in to the smart and talented man you are today. I'm very proud of you big E love you ! --Love, Uncle Cruz.
My Man,Big E! Don't know what happened! You grew up so fast! I'm Damn Proud of you! And damn Proud to be your Grandfather! Much love!😎
--Love your Grandfather, Larry
So happy to share the excitement about your graduation Emiliano! You’re great and so talented, with an outstanding support system and I cannot wait to see what adventures life has in-store for you.
--With lots of love, Daniella :)
I am so very proud of my cousin Emiliano! You are so hardworking. You made all of us so proud; keep up the good work. I know you are going to do great things. I wish success follows you in everything you do. I love you. Congratulations!!
--Love Vanessa
You did it! We are so proud of you! Enjoy college and do great things❤️
--Love Mom, Rheanna
Jaclyn, we are so proud of all your hard work and many accomplishments. You are amazing and we love you! Congratulations on graduating at 16!
--Love Mom Celise
We’ve watched in amazement as you’ve grown into the person you are today, and we’re watching with great anticipation to see what you do next! With your talent and determination, the sky’s the limit! We are so proud of you and all that you have accomplished!
--Love Mom Rebecca
So proud of you mija, keep doing big things,
--Love Dad
You’re family loves you so much and is so proud of all that you have accomplished Rexy!
--Love your sister, Emma
Chris we are proud of you, you have become a wonderful young man. We hope to see you walk with your friends on your graduation day but during these uncertain times we understand it might not be possible but just know that you have accomplished such an amazing goal. You did it! Congrats pops.
--We love you, Dad and Mom
I am so proud of you my beautiful daughter for all your hard work. Even with these unexpected closures you will still have your day that you and every senior so much deserve. Even with your rebellious history you still always make me proud no matter what. For every hardship you have always came out on top. Never forget that and always cherish it as you will need to always be strong minded in the future. Congratulations to the class of 2020. We love you so much!
--Love Mom Melanie
Perfect GPA, cheerleader, model student!!! You've made me a very proud dad for all you have achieved during your high school years! Continue to pursue excellence in college. The best is yet to come.
--Love Dad, Charles
Congratulations to our 2020 Graduate Cavariuna Brooks
“Success is the feeling that everything you’ve Worked for has been worth it.”
Wishing you the biggest success!
--Love Grandma & Grandpa, Mary & Calvin
Hey cousin, can’t believe you’re a senior getting ready to graduate already so proud of you. Wow! Time flies. I still remember when we were all little over granny’s house running around like it was yesterday.
--Love you cuzo, Theo
Cavari, we are so proud of you and your accomplishments. You are headed on a journey of your lifetime, College.... We know the end of your Senior year wasn't planned without celebration but we are all here to celebrate you for LIFE!!
--Love Mom, Dad, Caliuna, Aeriuna, Kiara, Dee, Jorden and Zayquan.
Congratulations to my little sister ! Even though this is not how you planned on ending off your senior year, I am proud of everything you have accomplished! As smart as you are, I know you are going to succeed in the future. Best wishes, the adventure is only beginning!
--Love your sister, Caliuna
Legacy High School Senior Class 2020❣️🙌🏽 I Love This Young Man 😍 My Youngest And Last Child With Tears 😭 Of Joy‼️🤗He’s Handsome, Smart, Respectful, Mature And In His Own League‼️ 👍🏽🤩 Momma Dude/Boy Lol 😂 😘
--Love Mom, Vernell
Congratulations! Mom, Dad and Buga are so proud of you!  We Love You!
--Love Mom, Misty 

Congratulations young lady! I'm so proud to be your Uncle! I love you with all my heart babygirl! This is just one of the many accomplishments I know life has in store for you! Never give up on your dreams and live fearlessly!
--Love your Uncle Kevin
Aaliyah Jade we are so proud of you and your accomplishments!! Wishing you nothing but the best!!! We love you Boom Boom!! God bless you!!!
--Love Aunt Christine
Miss Aaliyah Jade Cabrera 2020 Graduate of Legacy High School. We are so ecstatic for you! We know you have always been so bright and so smart and amazing and with such a beautiful heart nothing can stop you. We wish you nothing but more successful accomplishments to come your way because you’re more than capable because it’s the Cabrera way.
--Love Aunt Janaciarae, Uncle Michael, & Cousin Makayla
I am so proud of you I Love You way to go
--Love Grandma Penny
Things certainly haven’t gone the way you thought they would this year, however you’ve been strong through it all. But rather than look at everything going on right at this minute I want you to look back at all of your accomplishments during school. You’ve managed to always maintain A/B honor roll every year, received a student of the month award from every school you’ve attended and have an unweighted gpa of 3.314. You’ve got a heart of gold and have always stuck by your dream of being an elementary school teacher so that you could make an affect on our new generations to come. Your Nina would’ve been so proud of you. I know you’re sad and feel like she’s not here to experience this life with you but she’s always by your side and you already know how much she loves you. Your brother and I love and appreciate you, we’re here for you when things get tough, to celebrate your successes and everything in between. Next stop college!
--Love always & forever Jun Jun & Lyssa
Congratulations Boom Boom!!!!
So Incredibly Proud Of You!!
This is just the Beginning of Many Exciting Adventures!!
Remember to Never Stop Learning because No One Can Ever Take away what You’ve Already learned.... and Take that and fly My Love!!!! The Possibilities are Endless!!
Remember there is Always a lesson in Every single choice you make So Make Smart Decisions that will help You Grow....
and Lastly Never Ever Stop Being YOU!!
I’ve watched you grow up Into a Wonderful Young Woman who will make a difference.......
I know this because You are Such an Amazing Sister to Nina....and has made a huge impact in her life... More than you’ll ever realize...
We Love You So Much!!!! To Infinity and Way beyond!!!
--XOXO Auntie Leah and Nina
I’m beyond proud of you & what you’ve accomplished! 🤍 This is the beginning to the best chapter of our lives! You never fail to put a smile on others & your genuine love never goes unnoticed. I love you tons & I can’t wait to make many more memories with you 🥰
--Love Ame
Congratulations Aaliyah!! We’re so proud of you and excited to see where your next chapter takes you! We love you Boom Boom!
--Love Auntie Cristal, Uncle Scott, Brooklynn, and Genevieve xoxo
Congratulations to our favorite 2020 Legacy senior! We are soooo proud of you and all of your amazing accomplishments. We know that with everything going on the situation is not ideal and you may feel like your missing out on things but it doesn’t change how proud your family is. We cannot wait to see all of the beautiful things your life holds. Always remember how much we love you and that we are here for you through all life has to offer.
--Love you forever, Nina and Gabster!
Hey Bryce! Congratulations on your graduation! I can't tell you how incredibly proud we are of all of your accomplishments not just with school, but in every other aspect of your life. You are an amazing young man who brings so much light, love and laughter to those around you. This is just the beginning and greater things are headed your way, I know it. Congrats again, you did it!
--xoxo Love always, Auntie Alex and Uncle Colin
Congratulations Bryce. You have grown into a handsome and caring young man and we wish you every success in whatever endeavors you undertake. We are extremely proud of you and love you so very much.
--Love Grandma and Grandpa Flynn xxxxx
"Everything negative - pressure, challenges - is all an opportunity for me to rise."- Kobe Bryant
--Love your sister, Tiffany
We are all immensely proud of you and your accomplishments. Your future is so bright and you're capable of doing anything if you put your mind to it. You have overcome so much academically these past 4 years and came out on top! You should be so proud of your journey. The high school experience you've had has helped you grow as a young woman and we can't wait to see what your future holds.
"Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved."
--Love, William Jennings Bryan
Congratulations April! We are so proud of you and your accomplishments. We can't wait to see what the future holds for you. We love you!
--Love Uncle Monkey, Auntie Panda, Landon & Kobe
April, congratulations on graduating from high school! We are so proud of you! We will celebrate your accomplishment as soon as we can! We love you!
--Love Mom & Dad
The world is yours! You did it. Congratulations!
--Love Aunt Janet
Congratulations! Good Job! I’m very proud of you!
--Love, Grandma
Congratulations April! We are so proud of you! The future holds great things for you and we can’t wait to see what you accomplish.
--Love, The De Smet Family
Congratulations! We are so proud of you and all your hard work! Your future awaits-choose your path and doors will open for you. We love you lots!
--Love, Uncle Justin& Auntie Jodi, Matthew & Maddie
Congratulations Son! You made it! We’re so excited to see what the future holds for you. Stay focused. The world is yours!
Love, Mom & Dad
To my son, Congratulations on your Graduation Day..The next journey is your adult life and I know you will succeed.
Love can withstand any barrier.
--I love you with all my heart, Dad
Congratulations Little Marc. We are so very proud of you & all your accomplishments thus far. Keep God first in all that you do & He will make a way.
--Love you always, Grandpa Stanley & Grandma Jan
Congratulations Marc Monu’ia Hannah Class of 2020 We’re Proud Grandparents n Thank u for making us happy with ur Great Accomplishments God
Bless ofa atu e
--Love Grandma & Grandpa
Congratulations Marc Monuia
--Love Sisiliah
Whoooooohoooooo!!!!! YOU DID IT MONU!!!! CONGRATULATIONS 🎉👨🏽‍🎓🕺🏽🥳🥳🥳 We’re so proud of you and may God continue to bless and guide you through all aspects of life. Keep pushing forward and never let anyone stop you from being GREAT! We love you Monu 🥰💙💙 until next time when we can actually celebrate YOU!!!! Congratulations!!!! Class of 2020 🎓
--Love Vanity
Congratulations Monu!!I am honestly soo proud of how far you’ve come , I know our senior year wasn’t the best but at least we made it through.Our future is the best thing to think about now and all I know if you gon have one of the brightest futures .I love you soo much and I am so proud of you for getting through high school !!!Now on to the next chapter 🤍
--Love Vaikakala
Congratulations Nephew! You made it though your first educational journey. As I have watched you grow into a handsome and intelligent young man, I am very proud of you. You have wrote your own script and followed your heart. Continue to make the most of life and do what makes you happy. I pray that all your future goals are accomplished. All things are possible! I love you!
--Love Aunty Naomi
--Love your cousin Sisilia
The first thing I wanna say is that I am extremely proud of you, you did a huge transition from your junior year to your senior year . You went hard for your diploma and that's exactly what you deserve plus more. It's been fun and sad watching you grow over the past two years but i'm grateful for the opportunity. I did this shout out because you deserve the recognition ! Now its on to a new chapter and I can't wait ! I love you liyah.
--Love Gerliyah 
Congrats to my beautiful Granddaughter, Amya. My Boo Boo Kitty. I am very blessed to have you in my life. You have a very bright future ahead of you and I look forward to sharing it with you and watching you grow.
--Love Grandpa Harold
Thank you sis for making my senior year the best year. I love ya ❤️
--Love Kayla
Dear Kimberly, We are beyond proud of you and the accomplishments you have achieved in your 12 years of school!! We know you’ll do great things moving forward and we love you so much !!!!
---Love, Xoxoxo -All of us
Son!! We are so Proud of all you have accomplished thus far. Although this wasn't how we imagined your Senior year to be... know brighter days are ahead!!
Christevin Ryan Mendiola we love you!!
--Love Java'e
Congratulations Christevin you did it👨‍🎓🎉 Remember: whatever you decide to do in life, make sure it makes you happy! We are so proud of you!!
--Love, The Pykas
Congratulations on reaching this milestone in your life! We are all so proud of you and your accomplishments throughout your school years! Wishing you the best of luck for your future career path and we will always be here to support you with those goals. We love you with all our hearts
--Love Ry Ry.
Congratulations to my nephew Christevin Mendiola, you did boy!!! We are so proud of you and love you so much.....
--Love Uncle Jason
Lañat boy your old. I’m so proud of you dawg! Thank you for being such an inspiration to me. I look up to you so much. I really can’t believe your graduating. Four more years and we got a endless summer. Always stay positive and be that amazing person you are. I love you bros!❤️
--Love Isa Ka'ani
To my little brother. Congratulations ! You’ve worked so hard to where you’re at now. Keep pushing and striding for what the future awaits. Love you bro!
--Love your brother ChiefKevoo
We Are So Proud Of You Christevin And The Young Man That You Are Becoming!! It’s Been An Honor And A Pleasure To See You Grow Through The Years, You Have Such A Great Character, Always Respectful, Kind, Considerate, Funny, Helpful And Just Being An Awesome Person 💙 We Wish You The Best That Life Has To Offer And Know Things Are Possible, Especially With GOD By Your Side 🙏 We Love You And Ready To See You Grow In The Next Chapter !! Congratulations Class Of 2020, You Did It 🎉👍👏👏
Added One Of My Favorite Picture Of You And Haani (Always Her Little Brother)
--Love Ramos Family
Mia we are so proud of you!
You got this mami!
--Love Mom Maria
To MyMy:
I'm so proud of you!! I'm sorry that your senior year had to end this way, but I know you'll overcome this and become even better. Thank you for being my best friend and for always being someone I could look up to and come to for anything. You're incredibly strong and are the strongest person I know. Keep pushing through! I know you'll become an amazing person in society and become the best person you can be. You're such a kind, pretty, funny, strong-minded, and smart person! Never let anyone change you. I love you so much <3
--Love, Gabi
P.S: Tag ;)
No matter how you feel. Get up, dress up, show up, and never give up.
--Love Viet Phan
Say "Hi" to your college life! Another path for you is opening ate Elle. Even though you are on the other side of the country, you never forget us. Enjoy your life while chasing your dreams. Soar high!
--Love, Rhea Jeane
I hope your dreams take you to the corners of your smiles, to the highest of your hopes, to the windows of your opportunities, and to the most special places your heart has ever known. Congratulations !🚀 I love you always ♥️
--Love Hannah 
Jeremiah 29:11🖤
--Love Rhayza
Congratulations on your graduation and best wishes for your next adventure! With love and pride today and always. Prayers and blessings on your graduation and for your future. We miss you!
--Love your Cousin Jhanine
I know your senior year got ruined and you’re not able to experience it but keep moving forward. You’re hard work paid off even though it was cut short. I’m so proud of you and I know you get good grades and work hard for it. Always remember to put God first and then everything else. I’m glad that I met you and I hope to see you do more amazing things in your life and when you head to college.
--Love you!  Ate Johnevalyn ❤️
Hi Elle, Congratulations. I am very proud of what you have accomplished. It is such a blessing having a friend like you. Thank you for all the memories and laughs that you've shared. I miss your "kakulitan". I love you always Elle, you know naman I will always here to guide and support you.
Wishing you best things in your future to come. May God continue his blessing on you, I knew you could do it. Remember Elle that, If you can do it, you can achieve it.
--Love Val
Congratulations on your graduation my friend! I'm very glad that you've passed and achieved one of the challenges in your life on the best way you can and I know that you'll continue doing that kind of attitude until you reach the dream you've been dreaming which is to become a responsible nurse. As you travel your journey, always remember that God is always there for you and we ,your friends, are always here for you in good times and in bad times. I love you my friend, forever and ever I will always be your nonbiological and beautiful sister hehe. Again, continue flying as if you have wings until the right time will happen. Happy Graduation!
--Love Petot
I know you've been through a lot and I already met you in person totally close🤭 I just want you to know that no matter what happen don't give up on your dreams, you'll be a professional soon 💆 Trust God ❤ I know college makes you feel stressed but believe me it will all be worth it if you study hard 😊 Keep safe always, Elle 💖 Continue believing your self and continue pursue your dreams🤗 I hope to see you soon Elleeeee, love you 💛
--Love, Aie Lan
Hey Elle! God indeed molded you to be victorious. You deserve it. Congratulations elle for another great achievement! I know you went through ups and downs to get where you are today. I believe that God created you for greater works. So stay strong and courageous. You're not yet there, you still have a long journey to what God wants for you. Trade your anxieties to TRUST. Trust the process. God won't let you down. Remember that I/we, your JCAG Family are always here for you. Hope to see you soon. Continue striving and put God first in everything you do. Cheers for more success! You are favored and blessed. We love you and miss you 😍😘😇
--Love Winzel
Congratulations on your well-deserved success and best wishes on your next adventure. We are very proud of you, You deserve to see your dreams come true.
-Love your cousin Mayreth and Alkhery
Good looks, heart and now a diploma too? You've really got it all! Congratulations on your well-deserved success bebe💖 I know you could do it!😊. It's my pleasure to know you and to think about all you have achieved in life. How I wish I could give you a hug and to celebrate this event with you😔. But even though we'll miss seeing you in your special day I want you to know that I'm so proud of you and I'll always be! 😘 I'm sure you will continue to succeed in the future and I can't wait to see how successful you are--- perhaps being RN?😁 Best of luck in your next adventure Elle! Never give up, we believe in you. Always believe in yourself too and continue to pursue your dreams and until you have the two letters after your name--RN. Always do great things and never stop learning and challenging yourself to be your best.❤ Shine like a star Bebe! 🌟😘 Congratulations!!! 🎉🎉 Keep safe always! I miss you and I love you Elle!!😘💗💞
--Love, Lei❤
Elle, I’m so proud of you bebe you never fail to amaze me. Continue pursuing your dreams and I can’t wait to see you in those pictures. I love you so much and I miss you ❤️ 😘
--Love Lyka
Dear Sister/Ate,
Your graduation has proved that education is the key to unlock one's potential. You have really made us proud with your meritorious results. You have showed that every milestone can be achieved through hard work and dedication. We are really proud of you. Always remember God is always right beside you. Spread out you wings and soar high! Congratulations 🎉 🎉 We love you always ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
--Love your siblings, Frinz n Jeannelle
I want to congratulate you on your graduation, in just a few months you became part of our family. We love you and wish you the best in your Architecture career.Thanks for following my crazy rules, I know I’d been a lol strict with Paola 🤷🏻‍♀️ That’s how Puertorrican Mom’s are Jajaja #Seniors2020
--Love Annette Quinones
Ronell congrats on your senior year I’m so sorry it got cut short, but I wish you the best and thanks for bringing us cookies all the time!
--Love Kamelia Datil
Jaheem, I am very proud of you son. You have accomplished so many things and I know you’ll accomplish more. You have pushed yourself to be the the greatest and motivated other to be great. You are a role model, smart, and very caring. You did it son, congratulations
--Love Your Mother
Jaheem I am so proud of you son, you did it, you win. Congratulations, you accomplished something so big! I know you worked hard and that won’t be taken for granted. Congratulations son 🥳
--Love Mom!!!
CeCe, we are so proud of you. We are sending love, inspiration and celebration to you and your special moment.
--Love your Dad, Tee-Tee, Uncle Norris and all your cousins
Dearest Renee,
You are such an inspiration to me. You are always looking forward at things that you can accomplish. Without any hesitation or fear you overcome any obstacle in your path to achieve your goal. I know that with that same drive and fortitude you will inspire many others and accomplish many goals in the future. Don’t stop being my inspiration and never stop looking forward.
--I love you very much your dad
Congratulations Kylie, for everything you've been, everything you are, for everything you accomplished during your Senior year, and for everything you're going to be! We are so proud of you! Wishing you a future filled with exciting new places, great opportunities and a great adventures. God's continued blessing and guidance as you live your life journey. May you find success and happiness in ALL you do.
--Our Best Wishes and our love always, Grandpa & Tutu Lau
Jaron, we are so pleased with you and pray the Lord’s unending blessings for you now and beyond high school! Congratulations!!!
--We love you — Mom, Dad and your brothers
Erika I am so very proud of all you have accomplished and will continue to in life.
--Love Mom
Congratulations Erika, you worked so hard all thru school to accomplish so much! Pa and I are so proud of you!! Thank you for all the orchestra performances and the Friday night Color Guard fun!
--Love Bam and Pa
We are so proud of you Joshua!! We are looking forward to see what amazing things the future has in store for you!! “You’re going to move mountains kid” Dr. Seuss. We love you!
--Love always, Dad, Mom, Trevor and Christian
We are all so proud of you Joshua!
--Love Dad
Congratulations to Joshua John Pardo! Your family is so proud of you and your achievements! We will support you through your future endeavors! Can't wait to come to Vegas and celebrate with you! God Bless!
--Love, your Maui family; Grandma Amparo, aunty Madelene, cousin Mason, cousin Michael, cousin Angel & Choco
Joshua, it was such a blessing to be able to watch you grow up! You’ve blossomed into a young man with a big heart and we’re excited to see where your journey takes you in the years to come. There is so much life has to offer you and you’re only getting started. Cheers to your future and best wishes in all that you do. We love you so much! We are proud of you! Congratulations Joshyyy; C/O 2020!!❤️❤️
--Love, your cousins: Michael Evangelista & Angel Baldonado
Congrats Joshua Pardo!!! It’s been so fast you grew up!!! Chee class of the 2020!!! God bless Josh!!!
--Love, Mike
Hey cousin, I know things didn’t go at all the way they should have this year for you or anyone, but we are very proud of you and what you have accomplished in your life so far. Plenty more to go so keep striving for greatness. Congrats
--Love your Cousin, Ronald
Even though your senior year isn’t ending the way we all though it would; I’m proud of your accomplishments!! These years were simply preparation for the journey you will now begin! Remember that whatever you set your mind to do, You CAN achieve it with hard work!!! I love you and know that You have my full support in everything you do!!! 😘
--Love Mom, Tashua
Janae, we are so very proud of you. I'm sorry your Senior year was cut short but you have accomplished so much already. You are a very hard worker and you strive to be the best at whatever you do. We can not wait to see what you will accomplish in the future. We wish you much success and Congratulations!!
--We love you, Mom & Dad ❤🎓👩‍🎓
Torrence, it wasn’t easy making the move back Vegas when we did, but I’m so proud of you sticking it out and transitive you did. You deserve this and more. Always know your family is proud and love you very much.
--Love Mom, Tanya
I am so proud of you. You came such a long way. Can't wait for what the future has to offer you . Congratulations!!
--Love Mom
BJ I am so proud of you and i admire and Love you dearly! I have watched you maintain an honors schedule since middle school all while going to football and track practices 5-6 days a week And then come home and do homework sometimes up late writing essays just to make sure you stayed on track for that Advanced Honors Diploma. You held a schedule that most adults can’t handle. I am sure that I am more proud of you than you can ever imagine. I’m so excited to see what you’re going to do in College!! SMSU Mustangs get ready for BJ!!!! You did it baby!!!
--Love Mom Toni
Shout out to my Best Friend Taytay, glad we Experienced our senior year together🥳👩🏾‍🎓🔞.
--Love Destynie
Class of 2020, we did it👩🏾‍🎓🥳
--Love Destynie
Understanding that I will not get to watch my daughter graduate from High School and receive her Diploma. It was definitely OUR dream (both yours and mine) to see you take part in such a ceremony. This is such a milestone and definitely a major accomplishment. As a single mom, please understand that you are one (your brother) of my biggest accomplishments. Your were definitely the one who taught me how to love. I am still and always will be your number 1 cheerleader. Yes, I know
Your Senior year and graduation experience was not the way we envisioned but it doesn't minimize how excited and proud I am to be your mom. I am very fortunate to see your growth throughout these years. Keajia, please know that this is just the beginning and world is yours. You will continue to do amazing things and know that with GOD all is possible. Congratulations to you my baby girl!! I love you!! Class of 2020 rocks!
--Love Mom Lela
Congratulations Key!! I am sooo proud of you ! You worked so hard to get to where you are now and that is just amazing. Don’t ever give up and keep your head high. You got a long journey ahead of you & i’ll always be here to support you. I wish you the best!
--Love Youurr friennddd, Carol
Words could not begin to express how proud I am. Seeing you work so hard both academically and athletically is amazing. I know that since you have made it this far that there will be no stopping you in college. Shoot for the moon and remember that we love you!!!!
--Love Mom,Dad and Kai
We are so proud of you!!!!
--Love Mom,Dad and Kai
Congratulations Kiani!!! All your hard work and dedication has paid off. You are a great example to others and have proven that you are capable of anything. Stay focused and work toward your goals. I can't wait to see what you accomplish on your journey.
--Best wishes, Jaden and Charmaine
Congratulations Nani! We miss you and we are so proud of you.
--Love Gina
Congratulations Kiani, Grammy is very proud of you. You have graduated with an elite group of seniors that will go down in history as a special group that was cheated, but came out of this pandemic stronger and more determined to succeed, I know you will do great things in your life and we all are extremely proud of you.
--Luv you bunches, Grammy!
Congratulations Kiani!!!we love you,wishing you the best that life has to offer!!!do it big girl!!!
--Love,uUncle Jay & Aunty Lei
Congrats Kiani! We are so proud of you! Love you😘
--Love Meggan
Just because things don’t feel like they are going your way doesn’t mean that it’s not happening for a reason. Things happen in your life to test you and make you stronger. This moment in time has made you stronger and you will have the know how to push through when things get tough. I’m so proud of you sweetheart. Don’t let this little blip in life shatter your dreams. Don’t ever let anyone tell you you can’t do something and live as honestly as you can. I love you and congratulations Kiani.
--Love Aunt Kimberly
We are so proud of everything you have accomplished and the amazing, beautiful, driven young woman you have become! Kulia i ka nu'u! Strive for the highest! 😘 We love you always,
--Love, The Kanae 'Ohana
Congratulations De Leon! We are so proud of you. We love you! Best wishes for your next adventure.
--Love Mom Charrise
Congratulations! You should be so proud of yourself, because I’m beyond proud of you and all your accomplishments! High Honors is very impressive! You are going to be a great at whatever path you choose. Love you my sweet sweet girl. ❤️❤️ Class of 2020!!
--Love Mom Rosie
I’m so proud of what you have accomplished this far!! i love you forever & always.
--Love, De Leon
Shalyn, we are so very proud of you and cannot wait to see what the future holds. Where ever your journey takes you, don’t ever lose your voice. Keep dreaming big, keep reaching for the stars and stay kind. We love you so much!
--Love Moms & Maimai
Congratulations 2020 Graduate!!!!!
You have grown to become a Remarkable, Beautiful, and Intelligent Young Lady, whom have shown tremendous Strength, Determination, and Abilities to accomplish "ALL" that you set your mind to, while always demonstrating Kindness and Love!
I am VERY Proud of the young lady that you've grown to be, and excited about what's to come in the your Bright Future! Oh how Time DOES Fly!
I will leave you with a Few words of Motivation:
To My Loving Granddaughter,
Never forget how much I Love You,
As you grow older, remember that you will face many challenges in Life,
Just do your best.
Life isn't about waiting for the Storm to pass,
It's about learning to Dance in the Rain.
Every day may not be good,
But find something good in everyday.
Laugh, Love, Live,
Follow your Dreams,
Believe in yourself,
And Always Remember to be Awesome!!!!
I wish you continued Strength, to face your Challenges with Confidence,
Along with the Wisdom to choose your battles carefully.
I wish you adventure on your journey,
And may you always stop along the way to help someone.
Listen to your heart and take risks carefully,
--Love Grandma!!!
Graduation is not the end, it’s the beginning.
--Love Mom Lori
Emily, I know you have bright things ahead in your future. If you put your strong willed spirit into it, you can accomplish anything, I wish you the best in the next chapter of your life. Just remember, you'll always be my little girl.
--Love you, Mom <3
Congratulations, Emily....Love you, Sweets❣️
--Love your Grandparents, Candi and Roger
To my Daughter: I wish you the strength to face challenges with confidence along with the wisdom to choose your battles carefully. I wish you adventure on your journey and may you always follow your dreams. Listen to your heart and take risks carefully. Remember how much you are loved. I am so proud of my baby girl and the woman she has become.
--Love Mom
Congratulations on graduating, we are so proud of you and your accomplishments through out your school days! Glad you made this year one to remember while you could.
--Love you!  Mom 
It seems like just yesterday when your sister accompanied me to ‘our’ doctor appointment. As we were walking, I squeezed her hand so hard not realizing you were starting to work your way out. The doctor said I was dilated and I was having you that day. You were coming, that’s for sure, but you were considerate enough to wait until JAG, one of my favorite shows then 😉, was finished to arrive.
To say the least, you were my most challenging pregnancy, that’s why I named you Lanakila = VICTORY. “The Force is strong with this one.” You ruled the womb, and since you’ve arrived, you have been ruling your world! You mean what you say, say what you mean, and your silence speaks volumes. ‘Silence is true wisdom’s best reply.’ – Euripides. You have a presence about you that cannot be denied and you will soon realize, if you haven’t already, the influence you have is limitless.
You’ve always done well in school, but when high school started, your star shined even brighter – excelling in Honors classes, commanding the field as part of Legacy’s Marching Band and Winter guard, playing not only the Alto sax but the Bari sax, participating in solo ensembles, and being band section leader. It doesn’t stop there, you also acted in your friend’s play, “How to Steal a Heart”. Acting! Say what? YES, that’s my baby girl! 😊 Since we’ve been home, in addition to working on your own distance learning, you’ve helped me, Ate and Jordan with helping Ahi and Toot with their schoolwork. You’ve graced our ears with singing and playing the ukulele, added beauty with upcycled artwork, painted canvases, made up faces and detailed nail designs. You’ve also filled our bellies with spicy dishes and sweet desserts.
Words cannot explain how proud I am of you and how I so hoped these past few months would have been how you imagined. I wish you were able to finish your last year of high school with the rest of the Class of 2020: go to your Senior Prom, have your last Jazz Festival, Spring Band Concert and Awards Night, participate in Senior Sunset and attend your graduation at Thomas & Mack to celebrate your accomplishments with family and friends. We have been put in unexpected and challenging circumstances, yet you, together with your siblings, have been a rock through it all. And that is exactly who you are, my tiny but mighty, driven, resilient, intelligent, creative, powerful, intuitive, compassionate, Victorious daughter and sister.
Continue to keep your mind sharp, heart warm and spirits high and when we are able venture out again, you will have the opportunity to bless the world with your talents. I love you!!! ❤️
--Love Mom Bea
Oh my Lanakila, where have the years gone? We can’t believe you’re here at this moment, graduating high school. Four years at Legacy, what a time you had! Well, the graduation ceremony, it’s covered in bio-luminescent algae as a diveeersion (Tamatoa) of how it really is out there. You have to think… How about a girl who has a brain, who always speaks her mind? (Mulan) That’s you babygirl! We can’t wait to see what greatness you’ll bring to this world. When one’s heart is overfilled with joy, some may spill from the eyes (Fa Zhou).
We’re all so proud of you!
--Love Auntie Mel, Uncle Angel, Angel, Frankie, and Santos
Congratulations on your final year and graduation! Thanks to Facebook, I was able to see you grow from a distance here in Germany. We wish you all the best and much happiness in the years to come. Graduating high school during times like these will only make you more resilient. Stay focused and stay motivated. "The world is your oyster!"
--Love Uncle Arnold, Auntie Andrea, Cousin Jamie
Congrats Lana! We know you're going to be doing amazing things! Don't be afraid of a challenge and don't be afraid to fail. They will make you grow stronger. We are so proud of you and your accomplishments. We cannot wait to see what the world has in store for you.
--Love, Ate Celeste and Kuya Stan
Lana! I can't believe you're graduating from high school soon. HIGH SCHOOL! I've literally watched you grow in front of my eyes. From fighting with your sister over who got to sit next to me at P.F. Changs like 10 years ago to all the underwater pictures we would take at the hotel with my booboo underwater camera that we all thought was sooo cool. Haha It's crazy to see how grown you are now. I really can't believe you're graduating high school! I feel old! Dude, I'm so proud of you and I can't wait to see what else you accomplish in the future. I love you-Potato.
--Love Sala
I am proud of my daughter Kaitlyn Bracamontes for her effort in having the best grades in her Senior year! Love you!
--Love Dad, Eddie
Congrats anak ko, We're so proud of you. I know that u will choose ur right path towards success. We love u so much💕💕💕
--Love Mom, Donna
Congratulations Daniel!!! Nice to hear of another Brother of ours to Graduate! Just like your Dad is of you, Be proud!
--Love Joseph Faher
Way to go Daniel ! What a great honor and accomplishment ! A milestone to check off. Congratulations to you and the Class of 2020 !
Cheers to you and Best of Luck to your future endeavors !
--Love,The Olofson Family
Congratulations Daniel! Your high school years have finally come to an end. Even though a lot of things that were planned for you have been canceled for obvious reasons, we are still so very proud of you! Hard to believe that time flew by so fast. We love you and we congratulate you for finishing a very tough journey. Keep in mind, this is just the beginning.
--Love, The Manu Family, (cuzzin tipsy)
Have a blessed day Daniel and I hope and pray that you have the best day and we may celebrate later! Our family really loves you. You are a smart, intelligent man and are very outgoing. We love you and have the best day!
--Love your Cousin, Isaiah
Hi Daniel, congratulations & we’re so proud of you, more blessings on your new journey. I love you!
--Love Grandmother Rosemarie
Congratulations! We are so proud of you!!! We Love You!
--Love Aunt Cynthia
You’ve been such a huge role model to me kuya, and we’ve had many good times together. Congrats on your graduation kuya!! We love you
--Love, daisy duck
A big inspiration and role model to me! We love you!
--Love your sister
Daniel, we’re so proud of you and all that you’ve accomplished! You’re such an intelligent, kind & a loving young man. This is just a beginning of a new journey. May God bless your future and your plans. ❤️
--We love you, Manu Family
I just wanted to say that you've made me so proud. I know it wasn't easy but you pulled through with flying colors. You have always been focused in whatever you do, The time has finally come to celebrate your accomplishments! Not only am I proud of you but you sister's and mom is also proud of you! Your sister's look up to their big brother. I will support you in all your future plans a hundred percent! Just remember that I love you and I wish you the very best in your future endeavors! CONGRATULATIONS anak ko👏👏😘😘 yaaayyyyy.... You are officially class of 2020👨‍🎓! Continue making us proud anak ko, I love you sooo much!
--Love Oliver Galman
I grieve over the fact that your Senior year has to end this way due to the current pandemic. Don't think of this as a horrible end but the start to a happy and healthy future. I am so proud of you son and your classmates for accomplishing this momentous task. Hat's off to you all and Congratulations Legacy High Senior Class of 2020!!!
--Love Mom, Shawn
Ever since he was born, Braden was easily the favorite child, and it makes sense because he’s just so sweet! From his love of drawing, to the way he belts out his favorite songs throughout the house, Braden is the light of our family!
Congratulations on being a 2020 Legacy graduate buddy!! We love you so much and we are so proud of you! You’re the best little brother big sisters could ask for!
--Love your sister, Courtney
I'm proud of u Angelina thank you for looking out and taking care of me! You are the best sister I could ever ask for!
--Love Jericho
To our Daughter Angelina Gamoras, we are extremely proud of you and your accomplishments. You have work hard and achieved your goals in high school. For that we thank you for being an inspiration and a great hardworking daughter. Congratulations on your graduation, we are so proud of you. We love you and will always support you. We wish you well on your future endeavors.
Love, Dad and Mom
My Princess is now a young adult, i am so proud of you. You finally did it class of 2020 i have waited for this moment to be able see you graduate, to take pictures and celebrate with our big families. Just always remember Mommy will always be by your side. I love you Angelina.
--Love Mom, Angel
To My Niece Angelina,
Congratulations graduate! I'm so proud of you! Take pride in how far you've come and have faith in how far you can go. Love you!
--Love, Uncle Mark
Congratulations to my niece Angelina Gamoras! Class of 2020! Proud of you and your accomplishments. Can't wait to see what God has planned for you. Keep striving for the best, be humble, and always put God first.
--Love Uncle Melvin
Congratulations Jamilet !!! We are so proud of you!!! Your hard work paid off. Keep your head up kiddo, we love you!!
--Love, The Hernandez family
--Love Mom, Lutonya
Coming into this world 6 days after the 9/11 attack on America and surviving all life obstacles to this day, there is no way Covid-19 or any of the worlds horrible disasters will stop you. You are amazing kid in every-way. To not be able to see my first child to finish school graduate really hurts me. But I know this journey you are on is not over and together we will see greater. I am so proud of you Kaleack and your future. Continue to wow me and make me proud.
--Love Mom
Your life has just begun. Greater is on the way. Congradulations!
--Love NaNa
Kaleack I am very proud of you, once you moved to Las Vegas you adapted very quickly with school. Your Gpa is amazing. You are so intelligent Keep it up Love you God-Son!
--Love always Shanna
Bro I’m so proud of the young man you have became ❤️ You inspire me to go so much harder than I do , I’m sorry this had to happen your senior year but just know we are all very proud and you made it bro 💜 first of 4 to do it . Wear that trophy proud.
--Love Lanyah
Take pride in how far you have come and have faith in how far you will go.
--Love Katrina Jennings
Wishing you nothing but best for your future! Congratulations graduate!! Completing high school is something you should be very proud of! I am extremely proud of you!! I love you, and I will always have your back!
--Love Aunt CaPrice
Dear Airen Cousin,
I wanted say to thank you for caring about me!I've remembered you always there for me! Because I miss you as my best cousin forever. I will see you more in future!I'll never forget about u. You'll be making me laugh all time! I will goodbye for ya! I hope you will successfully in your new life. I always love you and here for ya! I was happy for ya! A cousin is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost. Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold cousin together. I'll never lose you! Congrats my best cousin! <3
--Love Martavious
I’m so proud of everything you have done and STILL DOING!! Granny would be so happy for you not letting go and staying strong NO MATTER WHAT❤️ I Love you keep going 🥳👏🏾
--Love ~Big Sis Kash
CONGRATULATIONS!!! We are so proud of you, Sean. This journey for you has been a long one but you made it. A new milestone is waiting for you on the horizon. Go reach your goals and have Fun with Life...…. Big Cuzzo and Family loves you
--Love your cousin Norris
Son, you have made me an extremely proud and happy mother. It is an honor and blessing to be a mother to such an amazing, intelligent, wise, and soon to be Lawyer🥰 Avery, you have overcome so many adversities and you never made excuses because your tenaciousness always exceeded your adversities. You’ve put in the hard work and your return on your self-investment is on its way. Your Dad is smiling down on you son, he’ll be with you every step of your journey and so will I, along with your amazing support system!!!! C/O 2020🎉🎉
--Love Mom
Congratulations Cousin keep up the good work !!!!!!!!
--Love Daniel Waiters
Congratulations 🎉🎈🎊🍾 cousin! I’m very proud of you and keep doing what you’re doing. You’ve made a huge accomplishment and now it’s time for your next journey. When you’re done with the next journey of college life I will be there to shout you out again ☺️. Love you!
--Love Kiska
Congratulations on culminating your high school experience with such grace. We look forward to your future accomplishments while understanding that this is just the beginning to your end. As you embark into your journey of young adulthood, I know that your next chapter will be your best! Love you Avery! 👏🏽🎉🤗
--Love Giavonnie Randle
Big shoutout to my fam Avery for handling his business in and outside of school. Continue to remain focused, keep moving forward, and don’t look back. I’m proud of you champ, now it’s time for the next chapter which I already know you’re prepared for. Congratulations and stay strong! 💪🏾 #Execute
--Love Derrick Jackson
Congratulations Avery. Always show strength and had the wield to get better at what ever you put your mind too. Continue to grow and get better as life after H.S will be interesting but nothing u can’t handle.
--Love Sylvester Raggs
Avery, you did it!!! I’m so very proud of you, 2020 graduate, and can’t wait until we can celebrate your accomplishment in person. You’ve been through a lot, but always kept trying and giving your very best—that’s the true measure of a person, and all anyone can ask of you. Keep pressing forward and never take “no” for an answer, nephew. Where one door closes, another opens and you have a world of doors to explore!
--Love from your STL family, Aunt Leida, Miles, and Olivia #nevadastatebound
You’ve grown to be such and amazing young man, and I am very proud of you! You have an amazing road ahead of you Av!!! Keep winning, continue growing, remain humble, and NEVER give up!!!!
--Love Angie
So incredibly proud of you Kiki snipes!!! Love youuuu!
--Love Elvia
Congratulations Ricardo!!! I am So Proud of what a strong will powered and determine young man you have become. You will forever be my baby boy no matter how old you are, keep meeting a sweet, caring, and loving son/brother. Always follow you dreams and don’t let nothing stop you from fulfilling your dreams and goals. Congratulations Kiki and the CLASS OF 2020!!!
--I love you forever, your momma bear Elvia
Congrats and you made it! Welcome to the club. Your destiny in your hand 🖐 🤚/hear it from me I’m 20, the next two year are very important. 🤲You’ll spend most your life doing things you hate😠 in order to figure out what you like. Pick one and be the master of which that is🤴. Alway have goal to drive you.🌅 Know that learning does not stop here. Devote your life to learning. We are one from the same blood and I believe you are ambitious as we come😈. I will be routing for you. ✊And welcome to the Game of Life. 🎲
--Love Jhovany
Drake once said " “Haters will broadcast your failures, but whisper your success.” Congrats on graduating! I know you'll keep doing great things, im so proud of you!
--Love Melissa
"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take - Wayne Gretsky,"- Michael Scott
--Love Rene Alvarez
Yoo, I’m proud of you Ricardo. Your almost done with school, you got so much ahead, and follow your dream. I’m not the best at writing these messages but I want you to know that your stepping in the real world and everyone knows your ready for that. Much love to you brotha
--Love RJ
Congrats Kiki we all proud of you keep grinding and working hard !!!
All love and positivity (:
--Love Eduardo
CONGRATS you made it 🥳🥳 I’m proud of you. We love you 🖤
--Love Janette
Congratulations Kiki!! So proud of you, can’t wait to see what life brings. We’re always here for you, no matter what! Love You Always💗
--Love Karla
My brother,
Your laugh & full of life spirit are contagious! You shine a light to everyone you meet and I can’t stress enough to say how grateful I am for you. You just accomplished a milestone, Welcome to Your New Journey! CONGRATULATIONS Bardo!!! High School is a big DEAL-O!!! But nothing you couldn’t handle. I’m excited to see what more goals you’ll accomplish, despite watching your amazing physical transformation over time. Therefore, another Congratulations! Lol I love you immensely!!! Enjoy this next phase of life and make sure to learn as you go. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
--Love Elena
--Love Rosalva
🎉🎈Congratulations Kiki! 🎈🎉Congrats on graduating from High School, can’t wait to see what else you achieve. Enjoy this phase in your life and continue to succeed in what you do😊
--Love David
You did it BOO!! 😘 CONGRATULATIONS, we are so very proud of you and wish you the very best that life has to offer, love you lotz!
--Love Betty
Congratulations, Ricardo!
--Love Eddie
Congrats mijo i know this is not how u imagined ur graduation to be but u gotta make the best of it. I love u and wish u the best.
Congratulations Kiki🎉🎉 Keep on shining and striving for greatness! This doesn’t stop here. Keep on reaching for your goals, we love you❤️
--Love Karina
“Your life is your story and the adventure ahead of you is the Journey to fulfill your own purpose and potential” - Kerry Washington
--Love Jaylene
So proud of my smart handsome son. God bless you always, Love you my son and best friend!
--Love, You dad Memo
Finally graduating! Am I right. We might not be having our prom or graduation walk but we can say we graduated even in times like this. Fantastic job at finishing, we’re all proud of you!
--Love Jocelyn
Great job it’s only the start of a great Journey continue with the great job very proud of you.
--Love Robert
You made it congratulations Ricardo.
--Love Sandra
Kiki!!!! My boy you did it! Finally graduated high school but it’s really just the beginning dude. Youve got this!! I wish you the best in college and know that everything and anything is possible with hard work and a positive attitude!! Congrats papa much love from your good friend Pepe!!
--Love Jose
My sweet handsome Kiki 💛 YOU DID IT!! 👏
Congratulations!! Keep making us proud! Even though this seems like the end remember it is only the beginning of a new & exciting chapter!
--With love, Your cousin Ivette 😘
Mi rey, muchas felicidades. Estamos muy orgullosos de ti. Esto solo es el principio de muchos exitos mas. Que diosito te bendiga hoy y siempre.
-Con mucho amor...tus ninos ❤
Marta y Martin
CONGRATULATIONS FABIAN! Words cannot express how proud we are of all your accomplishments. All your hard work has paid off. A new journey in your life begins and I'm sure you will succeed in this new adventure. Always Follow your Dreams and Believe in yourself. A Bright Future awaits you kid. We love you and will Always be there for you.
--Love Mom & Dad