Legacy High School

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Discipline » Tardy Policy

Tardy Policy

Students are expected to be on time to all classes. Students are to be inside the classroom when the tardy bell rings. Students arriving late to school should report to the attendance office, located upstairs in the Asia Office.

Students will be given five (5) minutes during each passing period; do not loiter in the hallways.

Tardy Policy:  Tardiness to class is not acceptable.  Students arriving to a class after the tardy bell has rung will receive consequences aligned with the Legacy High School Tardy Policy.  A student who is more than 30 minutes late to class will be counted absent from that class.  Classrooms will be locked when the tardy bell rings.  Teachers will issue a tardy if a student is late to class.  They will mark tardy in Infinite Campus.

1st tardy = Verbal Warning, student initials on tardy slip.

2nd tardy = Verbal Warning, student initials on tardy slip.

3rd tardy = Call parent, student initials on tardy slip.

4th tardy = Detention, student initials on tardy slip.

5th and additional tardies = Referral to the deans’ office with documentation of progression

*Random tardy lock-out sweeps will be conducted.  Students out of class without a pass will be issued an RPC.