Legacy High School

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Legacy Clubs/Organizations List 17-18


Student Government

Student Council Hendricks Rm 1107           Periods 5/6

Senior Class Blevins Rm 1004           As needed

Junior Class Hardy/C. Tadd Rm 1201       Wednesdays

Sophomore Class Renton/L. Tadd Rm 1215 Wednesdays

Freshman Class Sommermeyer, High Rm 705 Wednesdays

District-Sponsored Organizations

AP Club Jones/Rolen Rm 804 As scheduled
APISA Manlutac Rm 1311 Wednesday and Thursday

ASL Club Blair/Paris Rm 1320 Tuesdays

Auto Smith Rm 608

Band Melton Rm 204

Black Student Union Rm 513 TBD

Book Club Blevins TBD TBD

Cheer Davis Rm 1000 As Scheduled

Chess Tadd Rm 1108 Tuesdays @ 3pm

Culinary Club Stewart Rm 500 2nd and 4th Thursdays

DECA McCoy Rm 820 2nd and 4th Wednesdays

Earth Science Club Morse Rm 1007 Thursdays @ 1:40pm

Fashion Club Kolberg-Bentle Rm 503 2nd and 4th Wednesdays

FBLA Farsi Rm 1218 As scheduled

FCCLA Kolberg-Bentle Rm 503 1st and 3rd Wednesdays

Forensics/Debate De La O Rm 1005 As scheduled

Future Teachers of America Asher Rm 719 TBD

Guitar Levanger Rm 209

International Café Renton/Hardy Rm 1215 As needed

International Thespian Society Salls Rm 211 As scheduled

Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) Davis/Zoitopoulos/McClellan Rm 1000 Thursdays

Key Club Jones-Barcelo/Paris Rm P623/1320 Thursdays @ 2pm

Legacy Project Youth Council Boone Europe Mondays

Lunatics/Mascot Club Martinson Rm 1211 1st and 3rd Thursday

Math Club Pauwelyn Rm 807

National Honors Society Brown Rm 811 Mondays

Orchestra Council McFadden Om 208 Thursdays

Photography Rango Rm 502 As scheduled

Robatic’s Players Club Holliday Rm 1102 Tuesday, Thursdays

Science Bowl Tadd Rm 1108 Wednesdays starting Dec. 16

Skills USA Tick Rm 607 Wednesdays

Sun Youth Forum Armstrong Rm 1315 As scheduled

Transition Leadership Team Pegg/High Africa Office/P621 Wednesdays

Varsity Quiz Tadd Rm 1108 Wednesdays @ 2pm

Video Production Solompn Rm 604 As scheduled

Yearbook Kean-Walsh Rm 1104 As scheduled

Non-District Sponsored Organizations

100 Mile Club Jones/Erkins/Casaclang Track/819 Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays

Bible Club P. Arevalo Rm 600 Mondays

Diversity LGBTQ+ Burke Rm 1204 Wednesdays

Kung Fu Club Smith/Jones Meet outside gym Thursdays

Silver Guard Roleplaying Club Laurich Rm 704 Thursdays

Silver Guard Board Game Club            Laurich                                                 Rm 704 Thursdays