Legacy High School

Upcoming College Visits-Sign Up Asia Office

College representative presentations are open to Seniors and Juniors (unless otherwise noted). You must sign up for the presentation at the front desk in the Europe office, at least two days prior to the presentation. Sign-ups are allowed on a first-come, first-served basis until all seats are taken. You will receive a pass to attend the presentation before it begins. Teachers may use their discretion in granting permission to attend the presentation.
College Visits
Attention ALL Seniors! 
Colleges representatives will be visiting Legacy throughout the year. You must sign up in the Asia office to attend the college representative presentations that interest you. 
  School  Date(s)
UNR   March 14
 UNLV  March 5, May 1
 CSN   Feb 27, April 4
 Nevada State
 March 15, April 8
University of Utah
 April 4
Utah Valley University
April 2nd