Legacy High School

Welcome back Longhorns! The First Day of school is Monday, August 9th. 7:00 am to 1:25 pm.

Upcoming College Visits

College representative presentations are open to Seniors and Juniors will have an opportunity in the spring. You must sign up for the presentation in the Google Classroom (j3kflth). 
Here are the steps for scheduling the college visits:
1) Join the Google Classroom
2) Under the Classwork you will find the Google Calendar for the events.
3) Click the event that you are interested in attending.  Find the three dots (options), select copy to your name which will place it on your calendar.  
4) Add a notification so that you can be reminded of the event.
5) Look in the description to see if there is anything you need to do to pre-register for the event.
All visits have been schedule for the latter 45 minutes of class periods.
Teachers may use their discretion in granting permission to attend the presentation.  Students are responsible for any missed work during the presentations.
College Visits
Attention ALL Seniors! 
Fall College Visits for Seniors Only
Have you received any College Acceptance Letters? Scholarship Awards? Or completed your FAFSA? Enlisted in the Military? We want to acknowledge you for your goals towards your future careers. Each counseling office has a drop box (Picture attached). You can place copies of those documents in the box. This is will also help us with Senior Awards Night.

We will create pennants for you based on the acceptances/enlistments and they will be placed in a display case for everyone to see!

Attached are also samples of College Acceptance Letters, Scholarship Awards and the SAR (Student Aid Report) that you get once you complete the FAFSA.

You can also email these items to your counselors to be placed in the box. We just want to receive the information!