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Graduation Date:  June 2, 2021, 4 & 8 pm at the Orleans Arena. Further information to follow.
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Driver's Education

This course is designed to develop an adequate understanding of motor vehicle operation, laws, and attitudes, which will enable the student to become a safe and successful driver.
Emphasis will be on driver responsibilities, maneuvering skills, vehicle code (laws), traffic control devices, road markings, and driver fitness.

Please see the course expectation sheet to help guide you through the next five months.

This is going to be a exciting year!  Please bring your materials, outgoing personalty, and drive for excellence.


DE Semester Project 2020-2021

Students - Please review the options and requirements for the Semester project.  This is a non-negotiable activity which a requirement for passing this course.  If you need additional support or assistance I will be available before school (6:20 am), during 2nd lunch, and after school until 4 pm.
Please start your project early so a rough draft can be approved. The deadline is Jan. 6th for (A Day) and Jan. 7th for (B-Day).  There will be NO late projects accepted.
Good Luck!!!

Final Exam - Study Guide 2020-2021

Here are your final exam and study guide questions.  Feel free to print it out and bring it with you to your final exam.

Drivers Education

Final Exam – 2020/21


Chapter 1: You are the Driver.


                                Being a safe driver-

                                Smith System-


`                               Defensive Driving-

                                Collision vs. Accident

                                Graduated licensing program-


Chapter 2: Signs, Signals and Roadway Markings

                                8 shapes and colors-

                                Describe stop, yield and speed signs

                                Warning signs, guide signs and international signs

                                What to do at a green, yellow and red light?

                                What to do at flashing red and yellow lights?

                                Difference between broken Yellow and broken white

                                Six types of special roadway markings


Chapter 3: Basic Vehicle Control

                                Knowing the gauge and warning lights

                                Manual vs. Automatic transmission

                                Checklist before and after driving


Chapter 4: Managing risk

                                3 major factors that increase risk

                                Steps of the IPDE process

                                Smith system, zone control

                                Open vs. closed zones

                                How to avoid a conflict


Chapter 5: Natural Laws and Car control

                                Gravity and energy of motion

                                3 things that can reduce Traction

                                Stopping distance

                                How to adjust safety belts and child seats


Chapter 6: Basic vehicle maneuvers

                                Hand signals and changing lanes

                                Hand over hand

                                5 different turnabouts

                                Parking your vehicle

                                Parking uphill and downhill


Chapter 7: Intersections

                                How do you search the intersection?

                                Point of no return

                                Controlled intersection

                                Stopping at a stop sign

                                Uncontrolled intersection

                                Right of way


Chapter 8: Sharing the roadway

                                Where should you look for motorcyclist?

                                Motorcyclist protective equipment

                                Guidelines for moped and scooters




Chapter 9: Driving in Urban Traffic

                                3-second rule

                                Cover the brake


Chapter 10: Rural Areas

                                Rural roadways

                                Handling a curve

                                Passing another vehicle

                                Passing on a two-lane road


Chapter 11: Driving on an expressway

                                5 reasons for lower collisions

                                4 types of expressway interchanges

                                4 possible entrance problems

                                Following distance on the freeway

                                Steps for exiting the freeway

                                Road rage


Chapter 12: Adverse Conditions

                                Traction in snow and rain

                                Dusk and dawn driving

                                Driving in the heat, wind, and cold


Chapter 13: Handling Emergencies

                                Blow out, rollovers, brake fade, and steering failure


Chapter 15: Alcohol, drugs, and driving


                                DWI, DUI, and penalties

                                Implied consent


Chapter 16: Buying and owning your car

                                Types of insurance


Essay Questions:

Describe each presentation along with facts about each guest speaker/presentation.

Coroner Presentation, NHP, Chris Sandy Story, Pedestrian Safety and Zero Teen Fatalities


Describe the IPDE Process


Signs/Signals/Pavement Markings – Describe in a paragraph what colors/signs mean and their usefulness.


Ron Morocco - Coroner presentation - TBA

The Clark County Coroner, Ron Morocco, will be at Legacy High School during all class periods.  Attendance is mandatory as this is a rare treat for our students to see, hear, and ask questions in a face-to-face interaction town hall format. All students are required to write a 1/2 page summary of the presentation along with high lighting any of the four stories regarding teen driving. If you are absent, you must write a 2-page paper on the history of the Coroner's Office, the budget, personnel, statistics, and data on the Clark Country Coroner's Office.

Ch. 1 DMV Guide

Complete your Ch. 1 DMV Guide by September 8th.  The packet is 73 pages, please DO NOT write on the packet, use a separate sheet of paper, turn both documents in on Sept. 8th.  Reminder - DMV handbooks are required on Sept. 4th.

Guest Speakers - Date TBA

Students - Erin Breen (NV Peds Safety Council) and Officer Mahar (CCSD School Police) will be our featured guests for April.  Please try and attend their presentation as they will discuss statistics, data, and current trends in Clark Co. regarding teens and pedestrian safety.  We will meet in the Axillary Gym for this presentation, but, go to Rm. 1211 for attendance then proceed to the gym.

Current Events

Students - You have a current event to do every night.  The CE is just like the CAR that we do in class as our warm-up.  You find an article from the newspaper (LVRJ.com) or from news channels 3, 5, 7, 8, 11, or 13, then you complete the Who:, What: When: Where:, Why:, How and Summary of the article.  Please send your homework to dgmartinson@interact.ccsd.net

Driver's Guide Chapters

You will have to complete a Driver's Guide Chapter worksheet/packet for Ch. 1-11 from the DMV Guide (available at the DMV office, Elk horn & Decatur).  Please DO NOT write on these worksheet packets. If you have any questions, you can email me at dgmartinson@interact.ccsd.net or come by Rm. 1211 anytime.