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SAT/ACT acceptable calculator policy

Hi Class
A student in class today asked if the TiNspire CX calculators that we use in class can be used on the SAT and ACT test?  Yes they can - on both of them.  The TiNspire CAS cannot be used on the ACT but can be used on the SAT.  So, if you have been thinking of getting yourself a calculator and you need to take one of these test it would be an excellent time to invest in one.  Having a calculator at home to play with will make just so much faster on that calculator when it comes test time which you know can be very important.  The other nice thing about the calculator is that it will not become outdated anytime soon because as Texas Instruments makes improvements they are able to update the software and make those available for free.  If it was me and I knew i was going to college, I would be getting my hands on one of these as soon as possible.
Here are the websites the spell out the calculator policies for those test.

Graphing calculator cell phone apps

No excuses girls and boys - there are plenty of cell phone apps for graphing calculators and most of them are free.  Here is a few that I have found.  Try them and see which one works best for you.

Web based Graphing Calculator

Here is a web based graphing calculator that you can use to help you gain a better understanding of the functions that we will be studying this year and to help you with your homework.
Notice that it is also possible to find the intersection of two graphs using the intersection tab. 
If you are trying to find the roots of a function make the second function equal 0,   y = 0, then find the intersection.  Remember that y =0 is actually the x axis and that is where the roots are found. 
Happy graphing! :-)