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1st Day of School:  Aug. 12, 2019, 7am
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Student-Teacher Resources 18-19

Remind Log-In

I use Remind 101 to inform my students of upcoming deadlines to assignments, tests, and quizzes.
Classroom Log-in codes and links below:
World Geography:
Crime & Justice:


Google Classroom Log-In

I predominately use Google Classroom to post lesson resources, ppt notes, assignments, etc.  It's easier and more accessible.
Classroom Log-in codes and links below:
World Geography
Period 3: e3fw0ur
Period 6: zav53e
Crime & Justice
Period 2: c0a0ql
Period 4: ax7s74
Period 5: wf654m
Period 7: mth3d6z
About Student Passwords:
1. Student has already been using a school computer - Password for google will be their AD password.
2. Student has never logged into computer - Google password will be birthdate, YYYYMMDD
Recommend to student to log into computer first to reset password so Google will match.
3. If student logs into Google first with birthdate password and then logs into computer later, Google password will change automatically to new AD password.