Legacy High School

Graduation:  May 21st, 9am, Thomas & Mack

Welcome to English 10 & AVID 11

Parents and students are encouraged to sign up for the class Reminds.
Remind Signup Info
Text the following codes to the number "81010" or sign up using the codes at Remind.com:
AVID 11: @hater4
English 10 Honors A day: @hateraday
English 10 Honors B day: @haterbday
Turnitin.com Signup Info.
Use the following code to sign up for your period's class folder. All major writing assignments will be due via turnitin.com or they will not be acceptable to grade.
make sure you sign up for the correct period or it will not show me your assignment when I check
Period 2 Class ID: 21835485  Password: p2english
Period 3 Class ID: 21835493 Password: p3english
Period 4 Class ID: 21835499 Password: p4english
Period 5 Class ID: 21835515  Password: p5avid
Period 7 Class ID: 21835536  Password: p7avid
Period 8 Class ID: 21836170  Password: p8english
Google Classroom Signup Info
All absent/late/missing work will be uploaded to Google class daily. Please check Google class for all material.
Enter the following codes to join our Google Class Site for notes, homework, and more:

Pd. 2: 5jdaru6

Pd. 3: ck26z5b

Pd. 4: 69ux0pd

Pd. 5: h4obru6

Pd. 7: 15upeu4

Pd. 8: qmbuu6e


Students: you must sign up using your CCSD given gmail account

I have posted the information for that below, please just replace the information in the brackets with your personal information and remove the brackets. If you are having trouble finding/remembering your Infinite Campus number, email me. 


CCSD Google Emails & Passwords 

username: [student first name, up to 8 letters].[infinite campus number]@nv.ccsd.net

password: same as school computer login, if you haven't changed it yet then it's your birthday- YYYYMMDD